Marilyn Baker School of Dance | Code of conduct



  1. All Fees must be paid for in advance. Fees can be paid weekly, monthly, by term or by direct debit. An invoice is given to the student the week before it is due and it is to be paid the first lesson of the following week/month/term. (if payment is not kept up to date ,classes will be stopped)
  2. Anyone owing fees when examination/competition entries are to be processed, will not be entered until the outstanding balance has been paid.
  3. All classes where your child is absent must be paid for, with the exception of 3 weeks holiday. We ask that when your child is absent, you let us know by phone call or text.
  4. Pupils at the school must not attend classes at other dance schools for any other classes.
  5. Any child excelling in dance may be invited to audition for further associate programmes i.e. NBT, Royal Ballet etc. This is at the discretion of Miss Baker/Miss Gemma not the parent.
  6. No jewellery or watches to be worn in any classes.
  7. Hair must be tidy and off the face for all classes.  Hair must be up in a bun for ALL ballet classes.
  8. No sweatpants or T-shirts in class. Dance tracksuit tops/warm ups can be worn for warm up section of class only.
  9. Please check your child has the correct uniform. This can be seen on our website or you can ask a member of staff.
  10. Correct footwear is essential for health and safety and to enable pupils to perform to the best of their ability.
  11. Pupils must not be left unsupervised between classes. No responsibility can be taken for any pupil outside of class. Supervision is not provided. We are solely responsible for your child when they are in class only.
  12. All members of staff are fully trained in first aid. We have a first aid box fully equipped and restocked regularly, accompanied by a first aid folder. If anyone requires to see this for peace of mind, please ask an assistant.
  13. The school holds no responsibility for any injury or any items lost. No valuable items should be left in the changing room (bring phones, purses etc. into the studio and place on the table). Please check lost property regularly.
  14. No-one should interrupt or enter a class once in progress. Any queries should be discussed after classes finish at 9.30 p.m. or over the phone. Please check our phone line hours.
  15. Pupils are expected to be punctual for all classes. Pupils should apologise if they arrive late or for absence.
  16. Pupils waiting for their class must be quiet and considerate towards the dancers in the studio. Parents are responsible for pupils when waiting between classes.
  17. Courtesy and consideration towards all teachers and fellow pupils are expected at all times.
  18. Competition students – Must attend classes regularly and be available for extra rehearsals if required. It is vital that all pupils attend 3 weeks prior to the comps or 4 weeks prior to a show. A commitment letter must be completed and signed.
  19. Please trust our teachers’ judgement when entering for examinations/competitions. We have your child’s best interests at heart and would only enter them if we feel they are of a standard to succeed.
  20. Everyone must fill in a welcome letter and student detail form when signing up to the school. Please inform us of any changes in medical history/change of address/change of contact details etc.
  21. The teaching of dance often requires the teacher to physically guide a movement by touch. Without this guidance the student may never gain the correct posture and understanding of technical requirements. I agree that physical contact is a part of teaching.
  22. Please keep up to date with all notices that are displayed on the noticeboard, website and Facebook. It is not always possible to let each pupil know individually.
  23. Miss Baker or Miss Gemma reserve the right to ask any individual /parent who causes conflict or disruption to the school to leave. We do not tolerate any bullying/heated debates between teacher and pupil/parent.
  24. We want each and every student to enjoy coming to dance classes and we endeavour to achieve this. If any parent has concerns we ask that you speak to Miss Gemma or Miss Baker direct rather than discussing between yourselves. We work on an honesty basis.

Thank you